Basic Mnesia Distribution Questions

Brad Bergman bbergman@REDACTED
Thu Dec 28 04:07:52 CET 2000

> On 26/12, Brad Bergman wrote:
> | I'm trying to set up a simple distributed database with Mnesia for a
> | project. I'm having trouble when I break the link between the nodes. Each
> | seems to recognize that the other has stopped, but when I reestablish the
> | link, neither node seems to recognize this. Both copies of the database
> | continue to operate separately.
> What do you mean by "reestablish the link"? If you mean "reestablish the
> network potential visibility of one node on the other one", then it is not
> enough. You have to use net_adm:ping/1 (or in fact any function that makes
> both nodes communicate) to have the nodes see (at the Erlang level) each other.
Thanks! Once this has occurred, though, I still find that the nodes are
basically acting as if they were independent. I receive the
inconsistent_database error message after the ping, but mnesia:info on
both nodes indicates that the other node is stopped, and no updates are
replicated. I have only been able to get mnesia working properly again by
restarting erlang on one of the nodes, but I assume it must be possible to
do it in a less disruptive way. I'm sure I'm just missing something.

Thanks again,

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