make breaks when trying to install R7B-1

Kent Boortz kent@REDACTED
Wed Dec 6 22:47:59 CET 2000

> I really wanted to re-install R7B-0 but couldn't find it on the
> standard sites.  So why not be brave, figures I. Ok, got past
> ./configure on my Slackware 7.?, which identifies my host system as
> i586-pc-linux-gnu. But make blows up.

The configure scripts needs improvements. The probable cause for your
problem is that one of the configure scripts really has failed but did
not terminate the complete run. Instead the next configure script runs
hiding that there was an error and no make files where created. Look
at your log from running "configure", some things to look for are

  SSL libraries was not found. If they are not installed, use
  "--without-ssl" or "--with-ssl=PATH".

  curses/termcap/termlib libraries or headers was not found. Install a
  curses or ncurses development package.

  X11 libraries or headers was not found

If this still does not work and you prefer to reinstall R7B-0 you
can still find it at


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