Erlang for Robotics

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Wed Dec 6 14:18:09 CET 2000

> Interesting. I wonder, what is your view of Erlang's suitability for
> robotics work? 
> I would think that for most types of robots, the real-time properties
> of Erlang ought to be quite sufficient, and the ability to handle
> complex concurrent problems ought to be attractive.
> Throw in the ECOMP Erlang Processor, which is slowly materializing,
> and there might be some very interesting potential.
> Your comments are welcome.

My number one gripe with Erlang is that I do not have a good example of a
single port program in Erlang, and the matching end in every common
compiler for every OS available.

Is this possible? Do they need different Erlang sections for each

Finally, I only have this one gripe about linux. I have books of gripes
about every other language. It's just hard to beat the I/O capacity of "C"
when talking to a home-brew ISA digital I/O card, or the power of a VB
library when doing video capture via a TWAIN driver.


Andy Allen

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