Erlang wiki lives again

Craig Dickson crd@REDACTED
Fri Dec 1 19:07:02 CET 2000

Joe wrote:

> Can you really only access port 80 servers? - otherwise we'll have to fix
> another address or arrange to re-direct
> (say) .. requests to port 80
>         as if they had been requests to

If that can be done, it would be nice.

I can do 80 and 143 -- that's it. At least until the end of December, at
which point I'm out of this place. If it were just me, I probably wouldn't
say anything, since it's just a short-term issue for me, but fascist network
admins can't be _that_ uncommon. If my company has some, surely other
companies must also. Having an important community resource like the
Bluetail wiki be potentially inaccessible to people bothers me.

In any case, I think it's great that there is a wikie again. Thanks for
putting it back up.


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