Error trying to build otp_src_R6B-0

Simon Raahauge DeSantis xiamin@REDACTED
Wed Aug 23 23:13:46 CEST 2000

On Wed, Aug 23, 2000 at 10:09:42PM +0200, Per Hedeland wrote:
> "Vance Shipley" <vances@REDACTED> wrote:
> >
> >Simon Raahauge writes:
> >}
> >}  I'm trying to compile Erlang/OTP (whatever it's called) on a
> >}  NetBSD-1.4.2/SPARC system. THe build dies like this: 
> >}  erlc -W  -bbeam  -I/home/xiamin/apple/otp_src_R6B-0/lib/stdlib -o../ebin
> >}  asn1ct_parser.erl
> >}  Can't allocate 2056916 bytes of memory
> >
> >I had this problem on Unixware as well.  I had to tune the kernel to
> >allow a higher maximum amount of memory to be allocated to a single
> >user process.  I'm not sure which kernel parameter you'll need on
> >NetBSD.
> Sounds unlikely for *BSD, I think (on FreeBSD the default limit seems to
> be 512MB) - perhaps Simon just needs more swap? That ASN.1 stuff does
> require a lot of memory...:-)

Turns out doing a simple 'unlimit' did the trick. (My machine has 64mb of
physical and 128mb of swap so I'd hope it wasn't a lack of memory)
Of course the build fails when it tries to build etk_drv.c as NetBSD doesn't
(yet) support pthreads. Shouldn't that be detected at configure time? Hmmm.
pth (The GNU Portable Thread Library) is in pkgsrc, could installing this
help? I also had to do some ld stuff by hand where the makefile tried to do
ld -share -soname etc etc. (It needed to be -Bshareable on my system)
Erlang looks really cool and I'd love to have it running on my box so I
could play around.
-Simon Raahauge DeSantis

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