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Wed Aug 23 15:56:38 CEST 2000

Matthias.Lang@REDACTED wrote:

> Sean Hinde writes:
>  > 1. A tool to go through a system and root out external reference problems
>  > (admittedly difficult to deal with apply(M,F,A)) would help. It would also
>  > be nice when loading a piece of code into a running system to get a result
>  > which included some indication of whether all the external references were
>  > resolved, or even an option which would only load the new code if this was
>  > true.
> There's a contribution on the erlang.org contributions page
> (http://www.erlang.org/user.html#depcheck-1.0) which appears to
> do this (but not handle apply). I haven't used it, though.

There will be a new crossreference utility in the next Erlang/OTP to be
delivered at the end of Sept
(and planned to be released as Open Source a short while later).
This tool can among other things indicate references to non existing external
functions and give
warnings about apply dependencies, but it can not detect  which functions that
are actually called
with the apply.


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