Thomas Arts thomas@REDACTED
Wed Aug 23 08:44:19 CEST 2000

James Hague wrote:
> >are there already some feedback on that approach ? is it "academic" or
> frozen ?
> >used in projects?
> I asked this not too long ago.  The response was that the type system was a
> cancelled project.

Well, the projects that tried the typesystem were canceled, that's what I
wrote. The typesystem self is more in a frozen phase. Some experiments
are going on, but on a low priority level. The problem is that Erlang has
not been designed with a type system in mind. Adding one later is possible,
but at a certain cost w.r.t. the freedom of programming. We are investigating
whether we can find an acceptable compromise for things to give up.

However, I can recommend everyone to start using teh SpecWeb software in
order to make the datatype specifications. This is useful even without
a checking program.


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