mneisa, mnemosyne questions...

Mike Tilstra conrad@REDACTED
Sat Aug 19 02:59:14 CEST 2000

Two questions here, hopefuly someone can answer these.

First: Using mnemosyne to get a subset of a table, (with the cursor calls).
Is there any way to get the N smallest that are greater than X?  I have a
section where I need to grab the next 64 items in sequenced order that
have the use field set to false. (I want the next 64 in order that are
true.)  (did that make anysense?)  I managed to get something working the
way I want using match_object and a loop, but I was hoping that I could use
a query for it.

Second: sometimes, I need to grab any entry in the table that has the use
field set to false.  Is there a fast way to do this?  I've tried a couple
of things, and they are all pretty slow.  (slower than looping over the
*entire* table of 10000 elements)  (so the fastest method I've found so
far, is to loop over the elements, until I find one that is set to false.
This is icky.)

Thanks bunches,
Mike Tilstra                          conrad@REDACTED
Oh yeah, anybody got an ethernet card to fit my night table?
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