Updated BEAM spec?

James Hague jamesh@REDACTED
Tue Aug 15 18:08:45 CEST 2000

At 12:53 PM 8/15/00 +0200, Bjorn Gustavsson wrote:
>There is still no BEAM document. I've been busy working with the R7 release.
>Perhaps after R7...
>Are you referrering to {'%live',N}? This is not a real instruction
>(meaning that the assembler will discard it and you will not find it
>in the .beam file). N indicates the number of live X registers at that
>point in the code. The code generator emits one such %live instruction
>at the end of every basic block. The beam_block modules uses the information
>to optimize basic blocks.

Thank you for the reply.  Which part of the compiler/assembler would be
best for seeing a list of generic beam opcodes and operand formats?  I
wrote a quickie utility a while back to take apart beam files, but not
inside of the code chunk.


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