Scheme and Functional Programming 2000

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                        CALL FOR PARTICIPATION

                   Scheme and Functional Programming

                   Montreal, Canada, 17 September 2000

         The workshop forms part of PLI 2000, which consists 
         of the ICFP and PPDP conferences and other workshops.



Background and Theme:

   Over the past few years, Scheme and its implementations have made
   tremendous progress in support of generative programming, shell
   scripting, COMponent support and distributed programming, graphics
   and GUI support, OO programming, and various other aspects of
   engineering real-world software. We are calling on implementors and
   users of Scheme systems to share their ideas at a workshop during
   PLI 2000 in Montreal.


   The program committee has selected five papers for long presentations
   and six papers for short presentations. The topics range from
   3-dimensional projective geometry, COM support, and embedded
   applications to traditional themes such as macros. 

   The workshop will end with an open discussion of Scheme issues. At 
   this moment, the organizers foresee a discussion of the SRFI process and
   pre-SRFI presentations. If you wish to present a topic for this session,
   please send mail to Matthias Felleisen. 

   For the actual program, please visit the Scheme 2000 web site: 



   The workshop is collocated with PLI 2000 in Montreal. Please register
   for the workshop through the PLI Web site:

Program committee

   Kent Dybvig, Indiana University
   Marc Feeley, Université de Montréal
   Matthias Felleisen, Rice University
   Daniel Friedman, Indiana University
   Manuel Serrano, Université de Nice (Sophia-Antipolis)
   Olin Shivers, Massachusetts Institute of Technology


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