requirements of health care apps

Fri Apr 28 14:49:25 CEST 2000

> 1. Limit of Mnesia databases to a size of 4GB
> (  Competing dbms usually
> handle terrabyte of data.  Is there an easy fix?  Does this limitation
> apply to a single node in a distributed setting or to the whole database?

Let's remember to distinguish between the soft real time characteristics of mnesia, and the non-real time characteristics of
'competing' dbms.  

One approach is to interface erlang with a 'competing' dbms to leverage the benefits of mnesia for the data requiring soft-real
time, with the benefits of a non-real time sql database.

In the practical application, you'll almost certainly want your terabyte database on machine(s) seperate from your erlang

Thanks to all for great discussion.


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