Scheme and Functional Programming 2000

Bjarne Däcker bjarne@REDACTED
Sat Apr 22 11:33:39 CEST 2000

Hello Matthias

This is just to inform you that I plan to
submit a paper on the development and use
of Erlang.

Joe Armstrong wrote some good papers on the
developments up to about 1997, please see

but since then lots has happened notably
'open source'

Just now I am trying to collect information
from users about code sizes, systems delivered
etc but some of this information might be
confidential. (I will be grateful for anybody 
reading this having interesting information
would get in contact with me.)

Thank you for including Erlang among your
favourite programming languages.

Happy Easter



Computer Science Laboratory
Ericsson Utvecklings AB
PO Box 1505
125 25 Älvsjö

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