ClearCase and such like

Chris Williams chris.williams@REDACTED
Fri Apr 14 11:03:12 CEST 2000

We here at EA910 in Ireland have been using ClearCase for the last on
and a half 
year with good results from a user perspective at development and
We have the whole of our target environment and tools and code in
Worth noting is that having the tools in clearcase make things slow but 
it has the advantage  that all our sites can use the same tools as we
use multisite 
between the different sites.

When it comes to using emacs with clearcase we do not use this
functionality but
I have seen that at least emacs 20.3 has support for this facility.

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Sean Hinde wrote:
> All,
> I'm thinking of buying a clever build management tools such as Rational
> ClearCase.
> Does anyone have much experience of using these tools in an Erlang
> development environment. i.e. nice integration with emacs, and integration
> with the OTP directory structure, but also with some powerful features like
> parallel builds and checkpoint builds etc?
> Particularly I'd like to hear if anyone has had to do large customisations
> of these tools to make them fit.
> Thanks very much,
> Sean

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