ClearCase and such like

Hal Snyder hal@REDACTED
Fri Apr 14 06:08:53 CEST 2000

Sean Hinde <Sean.Hinde@REDACTED> writes:

> I'm thinking of buying a clever build management tools such as
> Rational ClearCase.
> Does anyone have much experience of using these tools in an Erlang
> development environment. i.e. nice integration with emacs, and
> integration with the OTP directory structure, but also with some
> powerful features like parallel builds and checkpoint builds etc?
> Particularly I'd like to hear if anyone has had to do large
> customisations of these tools to make them fit.
> Thanks very much,
> Sean

I remember reading that Ericsson uses ClearCase for in-house version
control. I have worked at installations using ClearCase and others
using DSEE (ancestor of ClearCase), CVS, etc. I'd rather flip burgers
than deal with ClearCase on a daily basis again; to me it seemed a
slow, bloated, overpriced resource hog and an administrative

YMMV, I know there are competent professionals who actually like

At one point at a site where they used ClearCase we had two
contractors on site full time from Rational and got involved over
several days in lengthy and increasingly existential discussions about
the feasibility of distributed repositories over WAN connections.
Something the free software guys do every day on a shoestring without
even thinking about it.

Sorry for the rant. I think the growth of the Erlang as an open
platform is a wonderful thing. Coolness factors: Erlang, +10;
ClearCase, 0.

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