Subject: Erlang adventures; Erlang image and "success"

Samuel Tardieu sam@REDACTED
Mon Apr 10 12:37:28 CEST 2000

On  9/04, Costel Vrinceanu wrote:

| It's not popular though - not because that's a totaly
| desirable thing.

We came to the same conclusion some years ago in an Ada group: if we call the
next revision of Ada (2005?) Java++, everyone will start doing Ada... That's

As far as Erlang, Ada or Python (my 3 favourite languages) are concerned, I
much prefer to convince people based on technical grounds rather than on
flashy things. However, I have to admit that the application monitor helps
*A LOT* to illustrate fault-tolerance capacities of Erlang. I think the
only thing Erlang and Ada lack are *graphical* killer applications.

My advice would be: people, if you build a complex system in Erlang, take
a small part of the time you have freed by using Erlang to build a graphical
monitoring of your application. It works.

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