Subject: Erlang adventures; Erlang image and "success"

James Hague jhague@REDACTED
Mon Apr 10 03:14:03 CEST 2000

>People need symbols and images to venerate, keywords
>for their resumes and
>bumper-stickers and coffee mugs.

Hmmm...I'd get a coffee mug, were one available.  Ericsson was pretty 
coffee-mug happy when I worked there.  I had two training mugs, a couple 
of AXE mugs, one mug for a project that went by the name of "P5," and one 
for an experimental TCP/IP adjunct to AXE called "Gator."  Surely there 
are already a zillion Erlang mugs out there? :)

>Wouldn't now be a good time to hype Erlang beyond

Does hyping a computer language really work?  Okay, it worked for Java 
but did it ever work prior to that?  If you hang out in forums for 
underdog languages--Smalltalk, Forth, Lisp, Scheme, Eiffel, Modula 3, 
Oberon, Haskell, OCaml--there are frequent cries of "Why don't more 
people realize our language is so cool?"  Seems like the best thing for 
Erlang is to just write great applications with it.


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