Queries on SNMP over OTP...

Chandrashekhar M Chandru.Mullaparthi@REDACTED
Mon Apr 3 12:23:03 CEST 2000

Ravi kumar reddy K wrote:
> We are facing problem in startiung the master SNMP agent on an erlang
> node.
> The following are the messages that are outcome of the command 
> application:start(snmp) at the erlang shell (ver 47.4.1) 
> application: snmp
> exited: "invalid return value from snmp_app:start(normal,[]) ->
> {'EXIT',undefined_config,{snmp,snmp_db_dir}}}"
> type: temporary
> {error,"invalid return value from snmp_app:start(normal,[]) ->
> {'EXIT',undefined_config,{snmp,snmp_db_dir}}}"}

You have to specify values for the snmp_db_dir and snmp_config_dir

>From the command line of the erl shell you can do it as:

erl -snmp snmp_db_dir '"Your db dir"' \
-snmp snmp_config_dir '"Your config dir"' <other erl options>

Those directories have to be created prior to starting the 
master agent.

Or you can specify values for those variables in a config file.
Check the documentation for erl.


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