make tests

Luke Gorrie luke@REDACTED
Wed Sep 29 12:37:22 CEST 1999

Klacke <klacke@REDACTED> writes:

> When we assembled the open source erlang kit, we discussed
> whether to try to relase the test suite as well. It wasn't
> feasible though. Besides it's not that interesting unless
> you are hacking mnesia or the kernel or something like
> that. 

Actually, I was hacking Mnesia's transaction manager today and was
about to ask on Wikie if we could have a play with the test
suite. :-) I think it would be great if it was released as open
source, but understand if it's a bit tangled up in larger things. I
certainly plan on doing some kernel hacking before too long too. ;-)

P.S., someone mentioned that the wait before restart on aborted
transactions had been reduced in the closed-source Mnesia. Could
someone tell me the new value?


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