What's wrong, help please.

Mon Sep 13 22:04:41 CEST 1999

Then I was trying to execute a mnesia query, based on two tables,
such as from eva/examples/simple_adaptation.erl :

    Handle = query [{A.name, A.sender, A.cause, A.severity, AlarmDef.class} ||
			A <- table(alarm),
			AlarmDef <- table(alarmTable),
			A.name = AlarmDef.name] end,
    {atomic, Alarms} = mnesia:transaction(fun() -> mnemosyne:eval(Handle) end),

I had always got error, such as :
{'EXIT',{badarg,{ets,lookup,[db_get,[mnemosyne_catalog,{image,alarm}]]}}} ?

Query, based on one table, executed well.

My environment are RedHat Linux6.0 and Erlang47.4.1 installed from rpm distribution.

Vladimir Sekissov			svg@REDACTED

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