File/Directory dialogs in ETK?

Klacke klacke@REDACTED
Tue Sep 7 23:37:24 CEST 1999

Bruce Fitzsimons writes:
 > Hello again,
 > I've finished the basic rewrite of Toolbar into ETK, I'm now working on the
 > maintenance dialogs.
 > Does anyone have any File/Directory dialogs that I can reuse? I'm reluctant
 > to reinvent any wheels.
 > If I have to, I'm planning to write a set of standard "common dialogs" in
 > ETK for directory searching and file selection(at least). Does that sound
 > useful?

It does indeed.

As for file dialogs.

About a year ago I did a small attempt at working with a small 
gui builder for tcl/tk called vtcl.
I wrote a little erlang program that took the tcl output from
vtcl and makes an erlang program out of it.
It doesn't work very well but it;s a start. I include the program
as well as getfile.tcl which is generated by vtcl, it translates 
fairly well, the generated erlang code looks abit ugly but a 
M-x indent-region in emacs makes the code (almost) readable.

Here's the erlang code ......

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And here's some tcl code which can loaded and fiddled with in
vtcl as well as translated by vtcl.erl into an erlang file

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Do what you please with this, throw it away, rewrite it
or whatever.


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