Linux compile problems - (help)

Per Hedeland per@REDACTED
Tue Sep 7 10:55:36 CEST 1999

>Yes really boring bug, the error is in 
>and the following diff should fix the problem.

[ ... ]

>Maybe someone in erlang-maintainers could add this to

Hm, that patch (though non-reversed:-) has been on the Bugs&Fixes page
( since May - I don't
quite see how it would fix Randy's problem though, the errors he got
were link-time rather than compile-time? (And the missing symbols should
have been found in
.../erlang-47.4.1/erts/obj/i586-unknown-linux/liberl_interface.a at that
point.) But perhaps this is a "secondary" problem, after retrying make
when the initial one failed with the "real" error or somesuch?

--Per Hedeland

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