installing erlang on aix 4.3.2

Per Hedeland per@REDACTED
Sun Nov 28 15:11:39 CET 1999

Enrique Sanchez Vela <esanchez@REDACTED> wrote:
>I had to manually change the Makefile in order to be able to get it to compile but it is now ok (tcl),
>regarding Erland I just started to get it going after changing a couple of fucntion types to adhere to
>their prototype definition in the *.h files, guess it will take a couple of source files but I am
>confident I will get it moving soon.

Great - please report what you had to change (to erlang-maintainers is
probably sufficient) once you have it running. In particular it would be
interesting to know if you get the distribution working, there are (or
at least were in the old version of AIX that Klacke ported to) some
issues with non-blocking mode on sockets in AIX...

>  I am just a little bit confused on the structures definition, acctually the pointers..i.e.
>typedef struct {
>    int vsize;     /* length of vectors */
>    int size;      /* total size in bytes */
>    SysIOVec* iov;
>    DriverBinary**  binv;
>} ErlIOVec;
> seems unusual to me, but if it is the same as of....
>typedef struct {
>    int vsize;     /* length of vectors */
>    int size;      /* total size in bytes */
>    SysIOVec  *iov;
>    DriverBinary  **binv;
>} ErlIOVec;
> I dont care as long as it works.

They're equivalent, basically it's a matter of taste (my personal taste
agrees with yours by the way:-).

--Per Hedeland

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