4.9.1 questions/problems

Costel Vrinceanu [4692] cvrincea@REDACTED
Fri Nov 26 04:27:41 CET 1999



In otp_src_R6B-0.tar.gz, in lib/Makefile,
'ssl' should probably be replaced with 'sasl' ?

Same thing for otp_src_doc_html_R6B-0.tar.gz ?


If starting two nodes on the same host, n1@REDACTED, n2@REDACTED:


  returns => []

'epmd -names' reports correctly:
  epmd: up and running on port 4369 with data:
  name n1 at port 40575
  name n2 at port 40571

I tried to step through net_adm , erl_epmd , inet_tcp but the debugger will
feed the macro definition of ?erlang_daemon_port (=4369) as the atom '4369'
instead of the integer 4369, so inet_tcp:connect/3 will fail with badarg

Is there another way to get to the bottom of this (other than sprinkling the
code with printfs/error_logger)?

(Trying the same thing on the 4.7.1 release on the same machine works correctly)



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