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I would like to add some information to my previous post, concerning the problems with net_adm:ping/1

There were a few replies to my post, suggesting that the to hosts were network unreacheble, but that is not true since I tested with the OS ping using both names (DNS) and IP address and it works fine. The cookie term is set to 'nocookie' in all the hosts.

Then, I tried something new: I kiledl epmd deamon in the Linux host, and run it again with debug option set (epmd -d &). Once done, I run net_adm:ping/1 to the linux host with epmd running in debug mode. The result is the same (pang), but the epmd deamon reported:
***** Fri Nov 19 13:25:24 1999: opening connection on file descriptor 5

***** Fri Nov 19 13:25:24 1999: ** Sent PORT2_RESP (ok)

***** Fri Nov 19 13:25:24 1999: closing connection on file descriptor 5     

wich means (once again) that hosts are mutualy reacheble.

I made the same experience (kill and recreate epmd) in two Windows hosts, the result of course is 'pong', but the epmd report is the same as above.
I made the same experience in two Linux hosts the result is 'pong' and the epmd is the same.

Any ideas?...

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