leex ?

Luke Gorrie luke@REDACTED
Sat Nov 13 20:01:47 CET 1999

"Pascal Bourdillon" <bourdill@REDACTED> writes:

> I'm a student trying to make a parser in Erlang.
> I want to use yecc and leex.
> As far as yecc is concerned, I have the source and some doc : It seems to be possible to understand how it works.
> BUT, I have not succeeded in finding the source for LEEX (I mean a useful source : I have found only a file named leex.erl.txt which does not work at all)

I've put a copy that I got from Joe Armstrong at
ftp://ftp.vegetable.org/pub/leex.erl - leex.hrl is in that directory
too, though I think it comes with the parser tutorial at the user
contributions page at www.erlang.org.


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