Rosa Mascarell Dauder R.Mascarell@REDACTED
Fri Nov 5 19:14:09 CET 1999

	Hello Niclas

	JAVAORB and MICO are CORBA 2.3 compliant. I guess they must be 
compatible between them.

	After my tries to install ORBER 2.0.2 I am affraid what is wrong is the 
package (no the software but the collection of files). In spide of being stored 
as a Windows set, it contains "make" files for UNIX.

	I think a correction for the ORBER is not needed. Maybe the next release 
of ORBER will be CORBA 2.3 complaint.

	Thanks and keeping touch  / Rosa

Niclas Eklund schrieb:
> On Thu, 4 Nov 1999, Rosa Mascarell Dauder wrote:
> > 	Hello
> > 
> > 	I would like to check if ORBER is able to interwork with JAVAORB and 
> > MICO (two open source CORBA platforms for JAVA and C).
> As long as they follow the standard yes. Orber now supports most of
> CORBA-2.2. Do check out the new release 3.0.1 (opensource any day,
> "ordinary" release 27/10).
> > 	I have installed OTP in my pc (Windows 98) and I have discovered that 
> > ORBER is not installed. 
> > 
> > 	Have any of you installed ORBER on top of Windows 98? How did you manage 
> > it? I am not able to run the make file associated with the distribution.
> Sorry, do not use windows :-)
> /Nick

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