Erlang status questions

Sebastian Strollo seb@REDACTED
Mon May 31 01:14:40 CEST 1999

James Hague <jhague@REDACTED> writes:
> 1. When is the next Open Source Erlang release planned for?  It
> would be

I hope to have one out by the end of this week...

> nice to have the system be generally more re-compilable.  It also
> seems

...although it will not help you there, sorry. It will be a minor
release consisting of a bunch of patches and a newer version of

> that the Open Source version is a couple of revisions behind what Ericsson
> uses internally.

Yes, this is true. The *only* reason for this right now is that we had
to make a branch from the main production source when we went ahead
and released the open source release. At the same time development
proceeded in the main production branch. Right now we are working hard
to make sure that in the future we will make the main release the same
as the open source release. The aim right now is to make the next
major product release (beginning of November) this new unified source

This is an exciting project from an open source perspective, a lot
more so than say e.g. Netscape, which IMO made a mistake by spawning
of the open source version as a separate project. I think we will be
in a much better position to make an impact when we have a unified
source code. I also hope all of you will bare with us until we are
there, unfortunately there are not many people working on the current
open source release (everyone is busy with the exciting work for
what's coming :-)

> 2. How have the native code generation groups been progessing?  The HIPE
> page (not maintained by Ericsson, I realize) is getting a bit stale.  With
> native code generation, Erlang would be completely unstoppable, IMO
> :)

Sorry I don't know anything about how HIPE is doing. Anyone else?

-- Sebastian

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