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Ulf Wiger ulf.wiger@REDACTED
Sat May 22 18:55:00 CEST 1999

Hakan Mattsson wrote:
> Measuring the size of
> thethe entire Erlang emulator process is a rough method but it easy to
> perform it.

Ah, but remember that what you will get then is roughly the all-time
high, at least on Solaris.

On Solaris, you will never see the Erlang emulator shrink, and the
reported memory consumption will most likely reflect how much was needed
during some transient work.

Here's one way to get a feeling for how much memory is actually being

1> io:format("~s~n", [binary_to_list(erlang:info(info))]).
Hash Table(atom_tab), size(2411), used(1720), objs(2974), depth(7)
Index Table(atom_tab), size(3000), limit(65536), used(2974), rate(100)
Atom space  27736/32772
Hash Table(module_code), size(47), used(37), objs(64), depth(4)
Index Table(module_code), size(70), limit(65536), used(64), rate(10)
Hash Table(export_list), size(1201), used(862), objs(1474), depth(6)
Index Table(export_list), size(1500), limit(65536), used(1474),
Hash Table(process_reg), size(23), used(14), objs(18), depth(3)
Allocated binary 108361
Allocated by process_desc 11200
Allocated by proc_bin_desc 400
Allocated by table_desc 1120
Allocated by link_desc 2000
Allocated by atom_desc 59600
Allocated by export_desc 53280
Allocated by module_desc 2560
Allocated by preg_desc 320

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