Can messages be sent to processes interactively?

Craig Dickson crd@REDACTED
Thu May 20 20:25:38 CEST 1999

James Hague wrote:

> >          server(N)
>                   ^
> Dumb typo when I simplified the code for posting.  That doesn't have any
> effect on my question.

Well, it does, in a way, since it means the code won't even compile, much
less work. Most readers will probably stop at that point, and fail to notice
the more subtle problem that you didn't export server/0, which I think is
what caused your original code (pre-simplification) to not work. (Unless
that's another thing that got messed up in your "simplification", in which
case you probably left out the real problem altogether, since the simplified
code behaves as expected once the export and the server(N) are corrected.)

Moral: always test your simplified example before mailing it out!


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