Can messages be sent to processes interactively?

James Hague jhague@REDACTED
Thu May 20 18:33:42 CEST 1999

I've been doing a lot of sequential programming in Erlang, but have just
started getting into concurrency.  It seems very obvious and

I wrote a quickie test process so I can start it up and send messages to
it interactively, just so I know that all is well:


start() -> spawn(sample, server, []).

server() ->
      stop -> ok;
      Msg  ->
         io:fwrite("message received: ~w\n", [Msg]),

This compiles just fine, and I can start the process from the Erlang
prompt with P = sample:start(), which results in a valid pid.  "P ! 1."
from the command line, though, doesn't result in any fwrite output,
though.  process_info(P) returns an atom of 'undefined'.

Is it not possible to do this sort of thing interactively?  I've only
tried this using JAM under Windows.  I haven't tried it with BEAM on my
Linux box yet.


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