Breakthrough in Swedish Translation !

Fri May 7 20:46:31 CEST 1999

Swedish UTStarGate
What the World Has been Waiting For ! 
Communicate in Swedish, on Web Sites, E-Mail, and documents as 
easily as English! 

Full Bi-Directional Translation
English to Swedish is as easy and complete as Swedish to English.
Complete Grammar support
Even complex sentences are translated properly, insuring you the
best in global communication!
Transparent Web Page Translation
Web pages transform from Swedish to English before your eyes, with
all formatting and graphics preserved!
Multi-Lingual Voice Chat
The included IBM ViaVoice Dictation System allows you to dictate
in English, directly into a Swedish Chat Room, then they see the Swedish
text !! When they type in Swedish, you hear the response in English!
Document & E-mail Translation
Simply type English into your E-mail, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, 
or any other document that needs to be translated. With a push of a
button, you will have the Swedish! This is truly the world's most 
advanced package! 

Special Introductory CD-ROM Offer ! ONLY $189 ! 
CALL NOW ! 888-837-8887 TOLL FREE ! 

FREE BONUS PACK ! (While they last) 
     * FREE Voice Dictation Headset (a $39 Value) 
     * FREE IBM ViaVoice Module 
     * FREE E-Mail for Life 
     * FREE Web Page Hosting 
     * FREE Global Instant Messaging 
     * FREE UTStarGate World Net TV 
     * FREE UTStarGate Jukebox W/ MP3 
     * FREE UTStargate World Radio Player 
     * Full Internet Explorer 5 Functionality 
     * Interchangable 'Skins' to customize your browser 
     * Powered by Universal Translator Level II 

Special Introductory CD-ROM Offer ! ONLY $189 ! 
CALL NOW ! 888-837-8887 TOLL FREE ! 

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