Fifth International Erlang/OTP User Conference 1999

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Tue Mar 30 23:38:39 CEST 1999

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Fifth International Erlang/OTP User Conference, Stockholm - Sweden,
September 28 (preliminary date), 1999.

Scope of the conference:

The conference is concerned with all aspects of using Erlang/OTP.
This includes syntax and semantics of the language Erlang,
distributed programming, robustness, interoperability, testing, OTP
components, application subsystems, software architecture,
methodology, best practices, experiences, development practices,
performance issues, new application areas, high availability,
compiler technology, tools.

Conference Chair:
To be announced

Program Co-Chairs:

Torbjörn Keisu, Ericsson Utvecklings AB, Software Architecture
Research Center, (keisu@REDACTED)
Lennart Öhman, Ericsson Utvecklings AB, Erlang Systems

Fax +46 8 719 89 40
P.O. Box 1214
SE-164 28 Kista

Paper submissions:

The programme committee practises a relaxed paper submission policy.
Authors are *not* required to produce a formal paper. As an
alternative, authors may use their final version of their
presentation material accompanied by appropriate speakers notes.

Authors should submit an abstract (max. 200 words) outlining the
presentation by May 7. Notification of acceptance will be given at
latest by May 31. Accepted contributions must be presented in full by
August 27, either as a formal paper or according to alternative
option above.

Submission should be done by sending an email containing the title,
authors, presenter and abstract of the paper in plain text using the
address euc99@REDACTED

For authors who are unable to submit electronically, contact the
program chairs at euc99@REDACTED

Important dates:

-- May 7, 1999: abstract submissions
-- May 31, 1999: acceptance decisions
-- August 27, 1999: full paper submissions
-- Sept 28, 1999: conference

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