Borsalino : An Erlang business project.

Claes Wikstrom klacke@REDACTED
Fri Mar 19 10:47:08 CET 1999

Mickael Remond writes:
 > Dear Erlang-er,
 > After numerous tests and experiments with Erlang and other languages,
 > I have finally choosen this language as a basis for my business tools
 > developments.
 > So, in case your are interested, you should have a look at :

This is very nice to hear, I wish you the best of luck and 
congratulate you to a wise language selection decision :-)

What about GUI for this type of business like apps. Is "etk"
(using tk 4.2) good enogh ???

I had a look at the swing GUI libs for java the other day
and I must say that that sort of GUI looks nice on screen but
absoulutley horrible in the source code. Gazzilion little 
instantiations of unknown classes with unknown side effects ..
... arghhh.


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