Erlang windows install ?

Mattias Nilsson mattias@REDACTED
Tue Mar 9 12:30:21 CET 1999

Paulo Ferreira wrote:
> I need to install erlang in a  NT/95 network so I installed  Erlang on a
> shared directory on the server, and would like to change the registry
> and the path of the client machines, instead of installing Erlang in all
> of them. Is that possible ? What is needed so that Erlang can run ?


First, you'll probably have to mount the network directory to a drive
letter, and not use Windows network paths (\\Host\share style), as the
code_server cannot handle Windows network paths (actually it's the
'filename' module's fault, perhaps you'll be able to fix it).

When it comes to the registry, you'll need atleast 4 keys in the
Rootdir  -   $ERL_ROOT
Bindir   -   $ERL_ROOT/erts-xxx/bin
Emulator -   "jam"
Progname -   "erl"

That should do it.

-- Mattias

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