emacs Erlang mode

Sebastian Strollo seb@REDACTED
Tue Mar 9 10:12:25 CET 1999

Igor Popovic <popovic@REDACTED> writes:
> would a kind soul point me to the right spot to look for the erlang mode
> for emacs, which according to the FAQ is to be found in $ERL_TOP/emacs?
> I don't seem to have that directory.

By "$ERL_TOP" we mean "the top directory of the unpacked Erlang source
code". I.e. if you unpacked erlang_base-47.4.1.src.tar.gz in /home/seb
you would find all the emacs stuff in /home/seb/erlang-47.4.1/emacs/.

I don't know if the emacs mode comes with the rpms [anyone
else?]. Also, note that if you build and install the source code, the
emacs mode is *not* installed automatically.


-- Sebastian

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