Visibility of Erlang

Chandrashekhar eeicmui@REDACTED
Tue Jun 29 10:00:52 CEST 1999

James Hague wrote:
> >Erlang is the most underappreciated technology I have ever seen.  I
> >dove in about 2 months ago and have felt nothing but glee and awe
> >throughout the learning experience.
> I agree. Erlang is wonderful.
I HAVE to second that. 	I've found Erlang to be far superior to C++
when it comes to the domain of Telecom applications. 

> >Which brings me to my own personal moan: I believe ericsson is failing
> >miserably in promoting the environment.
> I think Ericsson has done something wonderful to promote Erlang:  they've
> actually written real commercial applications using it.  This is rarely
> true of other newfangled languages you run across on the web.
I feel this is not enough. Marketing is essential, however good the
language is. People just dont have want to spend time looking for
alternatives...because they dont have the time. Someone has to put it
their nose.

Maybe the Bluetail guys can do something about this :)


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