Erlang Deployment Win95/98

Torbjorn Tornkvist tobbe@REDACTED
Thu Jun 17 22:52:35 CEST 1999


> I plan to install an application I've written for a client in Erlang
> (mainly using mnesia and etk) today at the client's site.

Great ! How did it go ?

> Is it mandatory to setup the complete development environment or is there a
> deployment version available that can be tightly bound with the user
> application and delivered as a single (or multi-file) executable? one else has answered so I'll give it a try.

I think you have to setup a full Erlang environment.
You can of course run Erlang with just the "base-kit",
but in your case you are usng etk and mnesia so you
need everything.

When it comes to your application, there exist a
an application concept which is described in
the documentation under "Design principles":

Relevant info is also the "System principles" which, among
other things, talks about how to create an embedded system:

And I guess that the info in "OAM Principles" also
are important for really serious people...

These concepts are not easy to get a grip on.
I have myself been tearing my hair in frustration
many times. A nice little tutorial on how to package 
a system to be delivered to customer would be great 
to have. 

Any takers... ?


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