Secure web server?

Robin Giese rtg@REDACTED
Sun Jun 13 20:54:51 CEST 1999

The documentation of the built-in web server mentions that it can be used
with SSLeay to provide secure HTTPS service. I was wondering whether anyone
knows if the Erlang run-time environment (in my case on Linux) is secure
enough to warrant running it as an HTTPS server. I am building a distributed
database with one "entry server" to the system, which currently is an
SSL-patched Apache, proxying through to a separate physical net with the
database servers on it. We're very concerned about security, since the data
is quite confidential (insurance stuff.) It would be wonderful, of course,
if we could scrap the Apache server, use an Erlang/Eddie SSL server instead,
and just firewall off all the ports other than 443, to cut off incoming RPCs
to the Erlang runtime environment.

Has anyone done this before, and/or does this sound like it's secure? Does
anyone know how we could get the SSL package+license?

Thanks a lot!


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