Luke Gorrie luke@REDACTED
Sat Jun 12 03:53:03 CEST 1999

Elan <icimjs@REDACTED> writes:

> under Win95 running the latest Erlang version, there is an example for etk
> called wtour.
> 1. I don't appear to understand the Tk version numbering. The version of
> Tcl/Tk that I have here (for MS Windows) is 8.1. Do I need a different Tk
> version?

Erlang came with the appropriate version, so you should have it
automatically installed already.

> 2. What are the exact steps I need to do in order to run this example? Do I
> have to move the wtour directory somewhere, where Erlang can access it?

I just started erlang from the wtour dir, and ran:
"make:all(), wtour:start()."  You don't have to actually be in that
directory, of course - but it'll work. :)

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