global_name_server question.

Vladimir Ulogov gandalf@REDACTED
Wed Jun 2 21:09:15 CEST 1999

I'd have another dumb question about "registered" process.
Here is a erlang code:
start() ->
     Rec = spawn(dumb_eh, receiver, []),
     register(eh, Rec).
receiver() ->
         Message ->
	     io:format("Recv: ~w~n", Message),
This dumb handler working just fine:
(server@REDACTED)16> eh!{boo, baa, foo, bar,42}.
And regs(). returns exactly what I'm expected:
global_name_server    <0.11.0> {global,init,1} 52 0
eh                    <0.62.0> {dumb_eh,receiver,0}  106 0
I did tried to send erl_reg_send, it seems like eh do not received any
messages. I did create small tool:
#include "erl_interface.h"
#include "ei.h"
int main(int argc, char **argv) {
   int sockfd;
   char **names;
   int count;
   erl_init(NULL, 0);
   erl_connect_init(42, "thecookie", 0);
   sockfd = erl_connect("server@REDACTED");
   names = erl_global_names(sockfd, &count);
   printf("%d,%d\n", sockfd, count);
And count returns 0. May be you'll tell to me, what I did wrong.

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