Leex in parser tutorial 1.0

Robert Virding rv@REDACTED
Mon Feb 22 14:48:23 CET 1999

Torbjorn Tornkvist <tobbe@REDACTED> writes:
>> Leex has not really been released yet so it is not included in the
>> distribution.  I am developing it and there is a link on my homepage
>> to a Leex page which shows what exists today.  Read the caveats!
>> Someday I'll release it.
>Come on now Robert ! Why don't you put what you've got
>under the User Contrib area ? Perhaps someone else will
>finish what's left to do... ;-)

I don't like to release code with which I not satisfied! :-) I quite
expect people to bugfix and extend the code but I would like to have
the basics correct before it is released, especially seeing it must
coexist with other parts of the io system.


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