Ben Hyde bhyde@REDACTED
Sat Feb 13 01:58:32 CET 1999

Claes Wikstrom writes:


>Ben Hyde writes:
> > I'm attempting to get gs to work...
>Ok I just checked your build log and it didn't look to bright.

duh, I'll try again.

>It is all our fault and we have allready apologized ourselves enough

I want my money back!

>We're expecting to release a new version with clean Makefiles
>in just a couple of days, hopefully on monday.

Monday is a holiday in the US so I think you ought
to take the day off.

> ... copying the
>5 right files ...

It only mentions 4.

> to the directory gs/c_src/lib

It says to put one of the four some place else.

>So, here are your options.
>1. Retry the gs build (read te README in gs/c_src very carefully)
>2. Await the next release

I - greedy american - will take both.

>PS. I'm happy to see that you've found my good old trusty
>'dbg' module, I thought I was the only user nowadays :-)

:-)   - ben

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