Ben Hyde bhyde@REDACTED
Fri Feb 12 20:31:52 CET 1999

Hi again -

I'm attempting to get gs to work now.  I followed the
direction for getting and building the unique tcl, and
moving the files into the gs directory tree.  The commands
given in that README seem to be wrong

<   cp tcl7.6/unix/libtcl7.6.a $CC_ROOT/libraries/gs/c_src/lib/
>   cp tcl7.6/unix/libtcl76.a $CC_ROOT/libraries/gs/c_src/lib/

<   cp tcl7.6/unix/tcl2c $CC_ROOT/lib/libraries/gs/lib/
>   cp tcl7.6/unix/tcl2c $CC_ROOT/libraries/gs/lib/

<   cp tk4.2/unix/libtk4.2.a $CC_ROOT/libraries/gs/c_src/lib/
>   cp tk4.2/unix/libtk42.a $CC_ROOT/libraries/gs/c_src/lib/

After building it (see: <>)
it just hangs.  Below is the result of using dbg:c on it
as it starts up.  This was the first time I'd used dbg so
I won't pretend to know what it means - but I think I'm 
missing something called "wrap."

Thanks for your help. - ben

(z@REDACTED)1> l(gs).
(z@REDACTED)2> dbg:c(gs, start, []).
(<0.34.0>) call erlang:whereis(code_server)
(<0.41.0>) call erlang:db_put(12,{1,lives})
(<0.41.0>) call erlang:whereis(code_server)
(<0.41.0>) call erlang:make_ref()
(<0.41.0>) call erlang:node(code_server)
(<0.41.0>) call erlang:whereis(code_server)
(<0.41.0>) {'$gen_call',{<0.41.0>,#Ref},{ensure_loaded,gtk}} ! code_server
(<0.41.0>) << {#Ref,{module,gtk}}
(<0.41.0>) call erlang:function_exported(gtk,start_link,4)
(<0.41.0>) call erlang:element(1,{kernel,false})
(<0.41.0>) call erlang:element(1,{{default,all,font},{screen,12}})
(<0.41.0>) call erlang:spawn_link(gtk,init,[{1,<0.41.0>,<0.41.0>,[{kernel,false},{{default,all,font},{screen,12}}]}])
(<0.41.0>) spawn <0.42.0>
(<0.41.0>) link <0.42.0>
(<0.41.0>) << {'EXIT',<0.42.0>,
... then it just hangs.

There is nothing in 

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