Comments on the course.

Ben Hyde bhyde@REDACTED
Wed Feb 10 18:43:17 CET 1999

I've recently read thru the course that get's top billing at  Here are a few typos and questions.  - ben


** Sequential Programming
typo: This lesson is missing one last 'back to top' button.
question: What's the unicode, utf-8 etc. etc. story today.
question: The string is a list implies that strings are not very dense?
question: Atoms are interned in a per node pool and never reclaimed, I presume.

*** Concurrent Programming

**** Client Server Model
typo: The code for request/1 uses the variable R rather than Rep by mistake.

*** Error Handling

**** Processes can trap exit signals.
drawo: The illustration ought to show P3 linked to P2 not sending a message to P2.

*** Advanced Topics
**** References
typo: The first sentence is not gramatical.
question: Is this the only use of the term "symbol", and why?

*** Obtaining System Information
Typo: "want to do this?" not "what to do this?"

** History
 "Conclusion: The language must contain primitives for concurrency
 and error recovery, and the execution model must not have back-tracking.
 (Rules out Lisp and Prolog.)"
Since Lisp does not have backtracking I guess it's time to backtrace
and redo the entire project, eh?

At this point in my climbing up the learning curve I was surprised
that the application module and the tangle around load, path, etc.
were not covered more.

The error handling section was very useful.  A terse statement of
the exact coupling between exceptions, exit signals, and the 
error_handler would be nice.

You all have a very nice system here.

 - ben

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