more inets.

Torbjorn Tornkvist tobbe@REDACTED
Tue Feb 9 00:14:28 CET 1999

> I'm accessing my online webserver over telnet and I'd like to start the
> erlang httpd server in the background and just let it run, without leaving
> an interactive erlang shell dangling (which will be closed down when I

Use the -nouser switch to avoid the shell 
(see also the man page: erl -man erl).

To have Erlang running as a daemon you can use the
following little C program:

Then, you can start your Erlang node as a daemon process:

 ./dw erl -noshell -s $(YOUR_PROGRAM)

NB: If you also add: -sname $(A_NODE_NAME)
you can attach yourself to that Erlang node by
starting a remote shell from another Erlang node.
(1. start another erlang node (use -sname $(ANOTHER_NAME)
 2. Enter job control mode: C-g
 3. Start a remote shell: r $(A_NODE_NAME)@$(THE_HOSTNAME)
 4. Connect: c


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