Elan icimjs@REDACTED
Thu Feb 4 08:32:01 CET 1999


I'm trying to start up inets under FreeBSD 2.2.6.

I get the following erl_crash.dump

<Erlang crash dump>
Wed Feb  3 23:28:55 1999

Slogan: could not start kernel pid (application_controller) ()

Erlang (JAM) emulator version 47.4.0
Compiled on Wed Feb  3 22:42:26 1999

Process Information
<0.0.0> Running. Registered as: init
Spawned as: init:boot/1
Current call: init:crash/2
Message queue: [{'EXIT',<0.1.0>,killed}]
Reductions=1450 stack=231 heap=6765 old_heap_sz=6765
Heap unused=5484 OldHeap unused=6765

Port Information

Internal Table Information
Hash Table(atom_tab), size(1201), used(810), objs(1336), depth(6)
Index Table(atom_tab), size(1400), limit(65536), used(1336), rate(100)
Atom space  10794/32772
Hash Table(module_code), size(47), used(16), objs(19), depth(2)
Index Table(module_code), size(50), limit(65536), used(19), rate(10)
Hash Table(export_list), size(397), used(265), objs(443), depth(5)
Index Table(export_list), size(500), limit(65536), used(443), rate(100)
Hash Table(process_reg), size(5), used(1), objs(1), depth(1)
Allocated binary 27587
Allocated by process_desc 5040
Allocated by proc_bin_desc 400
Allocated by table_desc 0
Allocated by link_desc 320
Allocated by atom_desc 26800
Allocated by export_desc 12880
Allocated by module_desc 640
Allocated by preg_desc 320

Distribution Information
Not alive

Loaded Modules Information
init 7438
erl_prim_loader 4556

Totals. Current code = 11994 Old code = 0

<End of Erlang crash dump>

I have created a file called inets.conf and saved it in the inets
directory. (I saved the same file to inets/ebin just to be sure.) This file
contains the following:

  [{services, [{httpd,"/var/tmp/server_root/conf/8888.conf"},

I have also copied the server_root directory to /var/tmp/...

according to the inets manual.

Any ideas?



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