Possible bug?

Robert Virding rv@REDACTED
Wed Feb 3 12:01:29 CET 1999

Claes Wikstrom <klacke@REDACTED> writes:
>On the other hand, if we try to use non-ascii chracters in
>i.e function names, it still doesn't work as expected.
>åääää() -> 
>	a.
>Does indeed give a compile time error. Sadly enough we need to 
>qoute the function name (which is an atom)
>'åääää'() -> 
>	a.
>And now it get so ugly so that in my opinion it's better to stick
>with ascii-chars in the source code.

I am just installing a modification to Erlang/OTP (the non Open
source) which modifies the Erlang syntax to use the full ISO 8859/1
(Latin-1) character set.  This means that atoms and variables will be
able to use characters like those above without quoting.  This
modification should migrate to OSE relatively quickly.

Unfortunately this will be only Latin-1 so I am not sure how this will
work with other character sets.  If they have uppercase and lowercase
characters in the same positions it should work, but I don't know if
this is the case.  Sometime in the future it is suggested that we will
use Unicode but don't hold your breath.


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