Possible bug?

Claes Wikstrom klacke@REDACTED
Wed Feb 3 09:25:20 CET 1999

Vladimir Sekissov writes:
 > Good day.
 > I installed and now use Open source Erlang, but then I am trying to compile
 > code this letters others than ASCII(I'm a russian man) in atoms or
 > strings I get compilation error.
 > In interpreter the same code works fine without errors.

Basically Erlang doesn't really support anything but plain ascii
today. However the usage of non-ascii characters should not
lead to compile time errors, only to ugly printouts.


a() ->

This is supposed to be a string with swedish characters, see we also
have non-ascii chars. I hope this shows up ok in your mailreader ....,
Hmmmm ... mail .... another system with far from perfect non-ascii

1> c(a).
2> a:a().


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