Building RPMS for Erlang R6B, some questions.

David Gould davidg@REDACTED
Wed Dec 29 22:52:25 CET 1999


I am building the recent Erlang source release (R6B) and am trying to make
RPM packages for x86 Linux for it, mostly for the chance to do two new things
at the same time.

[apologies if this is double posted, but I didn't see it on the list
 the first time]

Anyway, a couple of questions:

 - if I succeed and make a good .src.rpm and .ix86.rpm for Erlang would
   there be enough interest to post these on the site for
   general consumption?

   And, would it be useful to submit them to eg, rpmfind, or Mandrake
   contrib or whatever?

 - for RPMS of Erlang, I can build either a barebones i386, will run anywhere
   version, and/or an optimized version for eg i586 and up. Preferences?

 - Finally, I noticed a lot (about four hundred) of apparently harmless
   compilation warnings during the build from both the C and the Erlang
   sources. My experience is that it is easier to maintain and enhance, or
   even make RPMS for a code tree that compiles completely cleanly. That
   way it is easy to tell what broke, since _any_ messages mean that your
   change or environment has a problem.

   Is there any thought of cleaning any of this up? I would be happy to pitch
   in and provide patches for some of it (say most of the C files on x86
   Linux?). Is there enough interest in this to make it worthwhile? That is,
   can I get such a patch adopted? Would anyone else care to help?

Thanks for your comments.


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