R6B-0 build problems on FreeBSD 2.2.8

Jim Larson jim@REDACTED
Fri Dec 17 23:17:14 CET 1999

Not sure if you're interested in supporting a less-than-current
FreeBSD platform, but in case you are, here are some problems
I encountered in building R6B-0 under FreeBSD-2.2.8.

1) In lib/orber/c_src/setsockaddr_in.c, we needed to add

	#define INADDR_LOOPBACK (u_int32_t)0x7f000001

   near the top.

2) In lib/runtime_tools/c_src, the ld invocations to create the
   shared objects didn't do quite the right thing:

	ld -share -soname trace_ip_drv.so \
	   -o ../priv/lib/i386-unknown-freebsd2.2.8/trace_ip_drv.so \
	   ../priv/obj/i386-unknown-freebsd2.2.8/trace_ip_drv.o \
	   -lc -ltermlib -lm

   The "-share" flag isn't in the ld(1) used in 2.2.8 (and in later
   versions, it seems to want "-shared"), so I edited the Makefile
   to use "-Bshareable".  The "-soname [arg]" option isn't
   supported either, so I took it out.

Jim Larson

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